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Pork Cuts

Whole Pig - Basic Cuts Yields Approx. 140lbs Edible Meat

Roasts - 12-16
Chops - 40
Spare Ribs
Inside Tenderloin - 2
Hams - 2 (usually sliced 
¾” with end roasts)
Bacons - 2
Ham Hocks - 4

Sausage ~ 20-25 lbs.
Sausage Flavors:
Country, Italian, Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, Pepper & Onion.
Sausage Types:
Rope, Smoked, Bulk, Breakfast, Grillers, or Patties, or ground pork.
10 lb. minimum per item/flavor.

Also Available:

Pork Steaks
Smoked Chops
Smoked Shoulder

Ham Loaf - 20 lb. minimum
Pork Roll - 20 lb. minimum

Hot Dogs - 25 lb. minimum
Scrapple - 6 pans
Pan Pudding - takes 6 lbs. of meat per pan